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15th Anniversary of the LANZBC

15th Anniversary of the “Latin American New Zealand Business Council (LANZBC)”: Lunch with the Prime Minister of New Zealand

On Thursday 22 March, the LANZBC (Latin American New Zealand Business Council) 15th Anniversary Gala Luncheon took place at the Stamford Hotel in Auckland.

The event was attended by the Right Honourable John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, as the Guest of Honour, as well as other prominent guests, who included Clare Callow, Chairperson of the LANZBC, Latin American Ambassadors, Mrs. Heather Ward from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Americas Division and the representatives of important companies in this country.

The Prime Minister John Key addressed those present at the Luncheon with a speech, outlining the priorities the National-led Government will focus on during its second term in office and the opportunities for trade, investments and businesses for the companies of New Zealand and the Latin American region. He further discussed the importance of tourism and educational exchange programmes.

The Ambassador of the Argentine Republic, Mr Fernando Escalona, spoke on behalf of the Latin American Ambassadors resident in New Zealand (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and Mexico) who very much appreciated the presence of the Prime Minister John Key.

Throughout the speech the main economic indicators, trade and investment of the mentioned countries and the multiple opportunities in the diverse sectors to develop businesses were mentioned.

Furthermore, the cultural and educational exchange programs between New Zealand and Latin American schools and University were outlined, as well as the popularity of the Working Holiday Visas program and tourist and sport exchanges.
Clare de Lore also spoke representing the Right Honourable Sir Don McKinnon, Patron of the Council.

Mr Thomas Manning, Vice-Chairman of the LANZBC, collaborated with enthusiasm in the organization of this event.

The event was an opportunity to strengthen the business relationships between New Zealand and the Latin American countries and to celebrate the friendly relationships that exist amongst them.


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