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Tango Show and Promotion of Argentine Products in Birkenhead

      On Saturday 8 December the “Tango Show” was held as part of the “Latin-American Dance Fiesta”, featuring music and dance performances at the Birkenhead Library in Auckland.

This event was organized by Birkenhead Village, the Kaipatiki Local Board and the Embassy of Argentina.

On this occasion, we had the honour of welcoming the Honourable Dr. Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Defence, who addressed the audience with an opening speech. Ambassador Escalona expressed his appreciation to the Minister and thanked the Birkenhead community before the Tango Show kicked off.

The tango string quartet 4XTango played some beautiful tangos throughout the night, teamed up with Stage Tango Champions John and Felicity Flower, who performed a number of classic Tangos.

Furthermore, there was a reception held which was attended by 200 guests, which showcased Argentine products, such as Argentine wines “Michel Torino” and “Septima”, as well as Quilmes beer and Pachamama’s new product “agua mate”.
On behalf of this Embassy we would like to thank the Minister of Defence, the Honourable Dr. Jonathan Coleman, Mrs Lindsay Waugh from the Kaipataki Local Board, Mrs Kae Condon and Mr Ian McHardy from Birkenhead Village, John and Felicity Flower, the musicians from the band 4XTango and everyone who joined us for these events in Auckland!

To see photos of the “Latin-American American Dance Fiesta” please refer to the attachment and visit our facebook page at:








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